Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Which paint brand is better? behr or glidden?

Im having trouble deciding; I've seen numerous websites debating this but don't know the right paint to use on my new house.Which paint brand is better? behr or glidden?
Behr is better

If You ask me my fave brand of paint, and I have used many

is the Pure Performance line by Pittsburgh paint.

It is a no V.O.C. (Volitile organic compound)

Which is virtually odourless. It is a lot better for your health as well because it doesn't off gas toxinsWhich paint brand is better? behr or glidden?
The brand of paint is not as important as the amount of ';solids'; in the paint. The solid content is what dictates the quality or coverage of the paint.Each manufacturer has several grades of paint or ';price points';. The decision you need to make is how many coats of paint you want to put on and how durable the paint is.The simple answer is do not buy the cheapest grade go for middle to high and you can ask to have a can opened to see how thick it is. If it appears watery then go to the next level or higher.
Paint is paint mostly and it comes down to prep. first and paint second if you want to shop at Home Depot you can... but I find that Lowe's is a better and a cleaner place plus they seem to be more helpful Olympic and Val spar have been some of my better experiences painting, I don't do it professionally but I have lots of paiter friends and I get good advise from them Good luck
After 3 years in the paint business, four years in the Navy painting everything that did not move, and 20 years painting houses, etc., I have tried them all. I go for Glidden (Dulux) any day of the week. Sherwin Williams pulls my arms out of the sockets, Behr is too weak, and Glidden is just right.
Whatever brand you choose don't get it from a home center. Go to a paint supply store such as Sherwin Williams. The paints supplied to Home Depot and Menards are formulated for them exclusively and are made a little cheaper to keep the price down.
Both are of course excellent. And as in the old debate ';Chevy versus Ford'; there is no one answer for everyone. But you knew that :-)

I prefer Behr (both interior and exterior). Moreover, Consumer Reports rates Behr better.
I believe that behr is overrated just like home depot. I would choose to use glidden over behr anyday. However, my first choice is PPG, Manor hall line.
Behr has mildew resistance in it where as glidden dose not. It will cover better has well. With the current rebate at Home Depot it is cheaper.
I think Sherwin Williams is the best but if I had to choose between those two, I'd vote for Behr.
I use to use only Glidden but since I've been using the oops! paint from home depot Behr is much better.
i've always used behr and never had a problem

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